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Garden Products

Garden Products

UK Manufactured Rainwater Diverter Products

Universal Rainwater Diverter fits standard round 68mm and square 65mm drainpipes, come with a built-in Weir so your butt will not overflow.

The only product on the market with an on/off lever, the diverter has a leaver on both sides so can be installed in any position. Once the leaver is in the off position, any debris caught in the pipe from the roof will be flushed away. So, no other maintenance is required.

Easy to install and supplied complete with all fittings and step by step illustrated instructions. Comes in BLACK, WHITE, GREY.

If you have Cast Iron or fixed pipe look below for our cast version.

Feel free to contact us for a Quantity discount.


UK Manufactured  Butt Tap Products

It is so frustrating when you have a dripping water butt tap isn’t it? Such a waste of money and water.  

You can rest assured that Hayes Plastic’s butt tap products are not going to let you down.

Our tap is manufactures in UK, using recycled plastic. Originally produced for the Chemical Market designed with very high spec. The Tap is non drip, anti splash.  The mushroom type handle for ease of use, with or without gloves.

The internal insert is produced in Polythene, so will not lock or jam up like the cheaper taps on the market. They are guaranteed for 3 years but typically always last much longer!

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Garden Products