Ball Float Valve: ½" Standard Bore Adjustable

Ball Float Valve: ½" Standard Bore Adjustable

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Hayes Code: HA/BV1 ADJ / Wolseley Code: P42991 Standard:

½" (12.70mm)  Chemical resistant, Industrial, Ball Float Valve is an ideal Tank level control. It has 5 positions for a more accurate level adjustment, with no tools need once in the tank. Valve seat available in either EVA Poythene that is suitable for most chemicals or EPDM Rubber that copes with more aggressive chemicals, with a 6.3mm (0.248") flow. The main parts are manufactured in Prime Polypropylene material it has a 5" (142mm) ball a Whitworth studding metal arm overmoulded to produce a Industrial Chemical resistant product.

The connection is ½" BSP thread. For Flow Rates and Dimensions information see charts above.

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